WHAT a game against Manchester City tomorrow promises to be.

Rovers have simply got to go out there and enjoy it as let’s face it, the odds you’ll get on them winning would be tremendous.

I watched City on Wednesday and you have to say they are a great side, an absolutely great side.

You can see them resting a lot of players as they’re in three other competitions.

But even if they change all 11 players then they will still be available to field a really strong team. That’s why Rovers just have to enjoy it and see what they can do.

If they go into the game thinking they’re going to get beat then there’s no point turning up at all.

They’ve got to have a positive frame of mind and say, ‘right, let’s try and cause them problems’.

And if there’s one thing City give you, then it’s a chance. They more or less say, ‘you say score one and we’ll score more’.

So I do think Rovers will have their chances – it’s just whether they take them and whether they can keep City out at the other end, which will be a very tough task.

Ideally Rovers would have been drawn against a smaller club as it would have given them a better chance of progression, which would not only be good for the confidence but from a financial side of things too as there’s money to be made from a good run.

But Rovers have got Man City and they’ve just got to take it on the chin and give it their best shot.

You never know, stranger things have happened.

And they’ll go into the game with confidence.

Winning at Leeds was the best possible start to the New Year. And it couldn’t have come at a better time after the last two home games, which weren’t the most pleasing of results.

You’d have said before the game it was going to be tough so to go there and win as well as they did really was a great result.

It was also a result which makes the draw with Sheffield Wednesday and loss to Birmingham City all the more frustrating.

Those were games they should have won and by not doing that they made it tough for themselves.

But to go to Leeds and show the character that they did and basically say, ‘listen, we’re going to put it right’, deserves a lot of credit.

Here’s to Rovers springing a cup surprise.