SEAN Dyche admits it is difficult to match the cash being splashed around football - but insists that won’t stop him from trying to add to his Burnley squad before the transfer window closes on Monday night.

The Clarets boss has seen efforts to sign a host of targets thwarted in recent weeks and appears certain to miss out on Wigan Athletic’s James McArthur after fellow Premier League new boys Leicester City had a £6.5m bid accepted by the Latics last night.

But Dyche is prepared to battle on to boost his Turf Moor resources.

“We’re trying,” he said. “There are a couple of situations that were close and then a couple have gone away from us.

“People are throwing a lot more money around than us.

“Money makes it work it’s as simple as that. You can’t hide the fact that money makes the transfer market work.

“It’s a reality of the club that we are. I’ve got certain financial parameters to work within, it’s very difficult on both wages and transfer fees.

“The club has to survive, it has to move forward, it has to build for the future so it is a challenge, there’s no two ways about it.

“But we want to try to get in what we can and the players that we think are suitable.

“We think we’ve done that so for, but we still want to add more.”

Dyche says the £11m spent by Fulham on Leeds United’s Ross McCormack set the ball rolling for a summer of money madness – and admits he can’t even begin to think about that sort of cash.

“£11million is out of our league. We won’t be signing an individual player for £11million. I’m pretty sure of that,” he said.

“The other clubs that have come up are renowned for spending more money than us full stop.

“Leicester were spending a lot of money when Sven was there when they were in the Championship.

“Nigel spent a lot of money when they were in the Championship, QPR spent a lot of money in the Championship and Premier League.

“It’s just a reality of the market and some clubs are just used to spending and spending and spending and our club has not been used to that – certainly since I’ve been here.

“It’s a challenge that everyone has to get used to, it’s the reality of it.

“The signing market is obviously tough because of the money. The days of bargains are gone. You can’t find bargains any more.

“You go to a Conference side now, you don’t nick one for £50,000 any more, they want £500,000. That’s how it’s changed.

“They seem to be not so easy to find.”

Dyche may go down the avenue of the loan market – but Premier League rules only allow for two loan signings.

He added: “It’s quite tight in this situation because you get two. They will be two players who want to then play, and it they’re not playing they’ll wonder what they’re doing.

“The loan market is weirdly harder whereas in the Championship it stays open. It’s a slightly more flexible system. That’s a tougher one in a different kind of way.

“The difference was last year in the Championship you get the flexibility of the loan situation, in the Premier League you don’t get that, that’s why it is important that we bring players in.

“We took the club forward so quickly in the last season – no-one was expecting it, including the club – so things that you normally put in place as you’re going weren’t in place.

“That sometimes catches you by surprise, recruitment structures, financial thinking – all of those things – so you have to ramp it up really quickly and with the market that’s running away.”