FROM Austria to Accrington, Preston to Blackpool, with a touch of Spanish and Italian flair throw in.

That constituted our pre-season programme before our opening Premier League game against Chelsea at Turf Moor last night.

So the bookies have written us off and it would seem the vast majority of both newspaper and TV pundits have too. But what’s new?

In truth that is the deal we sign up to when we follow Burnley.

Back in the 1960s, Burnley not only held their own but finished runners-up in the top flight and reached the FA Cup final in 1962, and of course won the title two years previous.

So what of our prospects after an outstanding Championship season? Well as we made Turf Moor our fortress in 2013-14, we once again need to make it a hard place to visit.

That is where us, the fans, come in. It’s imperative we give the lads our wholehearted support if they are to succeed against overwhelming odds this campaign, competing with world class players.

I figure that there are a dozen teams we can pick up points from home and away, with the chance of bonus additions from the top seven regulars of Arsenal, Man City, Man United, Spurs, Everton, Liverpool and Chelsea.

To this end we play 11 of those 12 opponents consecutively in two adjoining spells interspersed by the two stellar sides of Everton and Arsenal before Christmas. Those games are critical.

We failed to beat the teams around us the last time we were in with the big boys. Indeed, just the one win against Wigan Athletic could have preserved our status.

I think that we are capable of securing the 10 wins and six draws that should maintain Premier League status as long as manager Sean Dyche is given the backing he may need to strengthen his squad.

To finish in 17th position would be mission accomplished, with anything more a welcome bonus.

I’m not holding out a great hope on my 10,000-1 bet that we will win the league but it’s great to be back and keep the faith.