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MATCHDAY LIVE: Burnley 1-3 Chelsea

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This Is Lancashire: Photograph of the Author

Chris Flanagan, Sports reporter

    Arfield scores first to put Burnley in the lead
  • Goals from Costa, Schurrle and Ivanovic for Chelsea
  • Burnley's first top-flight game for four years


Captain Dreckley 8:52pm Mon 18 Aug 14
Well the tactic of distracting the Chelsea players by making them park the team coach in the dingle directors car park and gaze upon the riches of automobiles worked for the first twelve minutes. Welcome to the premiership boys.
Score: 10
dinglecrusher 6:32pm Mon 18 Aug 14
Burnley 0 Chelsea 3. Good luck Dingles - you'll need a shed load!!
Score: 10
joemarch1 9:47pm Mon 18 Aug 14
hahahahahahahahhahaa hahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahaha hahahahah welcome to the premiership- or for you mugs the bottom of the championship
Score: 9
Blueandwhitewolf 7:34pm Mon 18 Aug 14
Brave line up going for two up top. Good luck, I say that because we want to send you down next season!!
Score: 9
steve18gls 8:23pm Mon 18 Aug 14
Go Chelsea, go Chelsea. Love BRFC xx
Score: 11
Tatts 8:31pm Mon 18 Aug 14
It's Chelsea v Dustbins at the moment
Score: 17
Tatts 8:36pm Mon 18 Aug 14
Premier League, you're having a laugh
Score: 22
DudleyRover 8:40pm Mon 18 Aug 14
Out of your depth, this is going to get very embarrassing very quickly bottom of the league by 10pm and staying there til May without doubt. Brilliant.
Score: 20
AnotherPounding4Burnley 8:46pm Mon 18 Aug 14
Score: 4
steve18gls 9:02pm Mon 18 Aug 14
This seasons going to be great, ha ha ha ha ha ha
Score: 10
I named my son JW 10:00pm Mon 18 Aug 14
Very sad to report but disquiet has already started after tonight’s defeat for Burnley. One fan is reported to have pinned his season ticket to the manager’s door in protest. To be fair to him he tried to go back later to retrieve it, only to find that someone had stolen the drawing pin.
Score: 3
Elysiumfire 10:11pm Mon 18 Aug 14
Okay. First game, and not a result unexpected. The horse-botherers from down the road enjoying Burnley's loss will have their own loss to enjoy tomorrow night when Norwich tub them. Chelsea were quietly sublime, the second goal was absolute class! The third goal should not have happened, but did, just a simple tap in. Fair enough, Burnley are in the Premier league, but remain a Championship side, with Championship play and tactics. They gave Chelsea far too much space to operate, no closing down, and frankly, Burnley looked intimidated by the second goal. Ings was nowhere to be seen, and pretty much looked out of his depth. Burnley will be spending most of the season in the bottom half of the prem, if not in the bottom three. The spot to go for is the 17th place, and that means putting points on the board. Within six weeks, the bottom teams will all be playing for that 17th spot, so Burnley are going to have to try to beat the bottom 10 teams, and draw elsewhere when possible. The crowd were too quiet. No shame at all in losing 1-3 to this particular Chelsea team, they will go on to tear other teams apart this season. Up next is Man Utd, and they will be looking to put some points on the board, and probably will against Burnley. Forget the top seven clubs, focus on those mid-way and below.
Score: 1
AnotherPounding4Burnley 10:36pm Mon 18 Aug 14
Dyche out, sack the board. Fortress turf moor surrendered.
Score: 0
bburnrover 7:53am Tue 19 Aug 14
Well I thought Burnley did well for 10 minutes then Chelski were superb,I still dont like the way Chelsea played in the second half they did not seem interested in scoring another they were just happy to pass across and back for most of the half.I was even hoping Burnley would score as I hate that type of football and think the Burnley fans have nothing to worry about as I am sure on that showing they are good enough to beat a few sides in the Prem. I thought Ings looked class.
Score: 3

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