SEAN Dyche is ready to fine tune his players on tour, after they made a good early impression on their return to training.

The Burnley boss was pleased to see his squad members stick to their summer fitness plans, insisting they had reported back “in really good shape” and ready to hit the ground running.

The countdown to the Premier League kick-off – at home to Chelsea on August 16 – is on.

And after the early fitness tests and training sessions at Gawthorpe, Dyche is looking to step things up during their week-long training camp in Austria all next week.

“We’re looking forward to giving them some good workouts in a really controlled environment,” he said.

“When they’re here (Gawthorpe) they go home, but over there it will be constant.

“I wouldn’t call it team building because the team currently is virtually the team (from last season) with some add-ons.

“The team has a good feel, as we all know, but it’s probably a case of enhancing all the good work that we think we’ve done and they’ve done.

“We’re not really looking for one outcome (from the tour) but lots of mini outcomes.”

Dyche added that it was obvious the players had looked after themselves over the summer break, which has allowed them to get a head-start in their pre-season preparations.

“It means you don’t spend so much time wondering if they’re fit enough because they’re already in front of the curve,” he said.

“All we’re doing is topping that up and maximising it so then you can move on to strong tactical work, organisational work, which frees up more time rather than getting down with doing more physical sessions.

“We can do more football planning sessions and tactical sessions.”