BURNLEY boss Sean Dyche says he will be flexible in his thinking as he helps Burnley bed into the Premier League.

The Clarets had a winning formula last season in sticking with a rigid 4-4-2 formation, which was spearheaded by the potent strike partnership of Sam Vokes and top scorer Danny Ings.

But as Dyche assembles his squad for the top flight while also looking to tie existing players to new deals after securing Vokes and right back Kieran Trippier longer term, he is also looking at how his side might line up when they come up against the world’s elite players and teams.

But Dyche added he will not get bogged down by tactics.

“Although tactics are important I think people can get too carried away with it.

“At the same time you can’t be naive to it because there are some differences but they’re mainly detailed differences and it often comes down to individual players.

“We do know that we’re going into a division with arguably some of the best individual players in the world.

“We obviously understand that within the tactics it’s a two-good thing. The tactics have to be right but also dealing with the individuals within that make a big difference.”

Dyche added: “There are many different things that I’m pleased with what we’ve managed to achieve here, but I’m not naive enough to think you can just sit still because football waits for no-one.

“So we’ve got to make sure that we’re still looking for different things that can help us, not just players but us as a staff, the players we’re working with, improvements we can make at the training ground which will be ongoing, improvements at the ground, improvements on the sports science and the analysis side.

“We’re always looking for flexibility within that, but there’s a certain base of things that I think are important for how the team and the staff operate.

“So far so good, but we appreciate that players make the difference so we do need to align players as well.”