I AM delighted to see that Sean Dyche has penned a new deal to keep him at Turf Moor – it could turn out to be our most vital signing of the summer.

Danny Ings and Sam Vokes may have got the goals that got us up in to the Premier League but Sean really is the gel that has kept it all together.

He is a great operator, the fans love him and the players trust him.

So having him at the helm for our return to the Premier League is just perfect.

Keeping Sean shows a real sign of intent and keeps other clubs circling over Turf Moor away from the manager.

He has been linked with quite a few other posts in recent weeks which is no surprise. When you are a success then others want to try and prise you away.

I don’t know how strong rumours were linking him with other posts, West Brom being one of them, but Sean has never shown signs of itchy feet.

You get the impression he is a very loyal man and this is a project he wants to see through.

Now I would like to see him given a fair crack of the whip which I am sure he will be because Burnley are a very well run club and not prone to making panic decisions.

You see it every season, a team gets off to a poor start, the board get twitchy and sack the manager, a manager who had worked wonders to get them up in the first place.

Burnley, traditionally, aren’t really like that. It would be refreshing to see Sean given the chance to see it through and keep Burnley in the Premier League.

I for one think the Clarets will stay up.

There is a lot of talk about them having a small squad, probably the smallest in the Premier League, but there is a great togetherness and camaraderie in the squad – something instilled by Sean and his backroom staff.

That means an awful lot when you are in the heat of the battle.

And Burnley will be in the heat of the battle, right from the word go.

It’s funny, although we were promoted back in April, seeing the Premier League fixtures hammers it home.

And having Chelsea at home first then Manchester United our next visitors to Turf Moor really does say “Welcome to the Premier League!”

It’s a tough start, we have a trip to Swansea in between, but I am very excited about the season ahead and so should the players and the supporters.

It is a challenge for the players and one I am sure they will be up to. I just hope the fans turn out in force and enjoy the experience, well as much as they can.

There is a good chance we could end up without a point after those first three games but if that is the case, there should be no reason to worry.

And as they saying goes, it’s a marathon and not a sprint.