IT is only a few days away now when England kick off their World Cup in the heat and humidity of Brazil, and the talk of the conditions brings back memories for me.

It was a friendly match for Northern Ireland in 1969, against Israel in Tel Aviv.

It was just so hot during the day that the game kicked off at 10.30pm, and even that was bad enough.

I lost 10 pounds in weight during the 90 minutes and I was so tired.

If I said it took an hour in the swimming pool at the hotel afterwards to cool down you probably wouldn’t believe me, but it’s true.

We were there in the early hours, at 12.30 or 1 in the morning in the pool just taking drinks and trying to cool down. But we won the game 3-2 and I scored two goals.

England have physically and psychologically prepared for the conditions in Brazil and Roy Hodgson has done everything he can, so I hope they deal with it well.

But I do think eventually those conditions will catch up with them.

Talking of hot conditions, I was in Cumbria at the weekend to watch my granddaughter Natalya competing for Blackburn Harriers at Wrynose Pass.

They started at the bottom of this mountain and ran all the way up, it was incredible.

Natalya finished seventh and it was the toughest course I have ever seen. I ricked my neck just looking up the mountain!

I’d like to welcome Jay Rodriguez who will be joining the Lancashire Telegraph as a columnist during the World Cup to talk about England’s matches in Brazil.

Get well quickly Jay after the injury that prevented you from going to Rio. Your chance will come again.

It was also good to read Paul Weller’s comments about Scott Arfield this week. Paul was saying that Scott should be rewarded with a new deal and I couldn’t agree more. He was a tremendous signing on a free transfer and so was Tom Heaton, who might also be in line for a new deal.

Hopefully Sean Dyche can find some more free transfers like that this summer.