ON Saturday at the Madejski Stadium Reading, the curtain came down on what surely will be remembered as one of the most remarkable seasons in the entire history of Burnley Football Club.

To win automatic promotion to the Premier League against all the odds as well as breaking many records along the way, has got to be up there with the very best of achievements.

The fantastic feat mirrors why I chose to support Burnley from primary school age 50 years ago in 1964 because even then, they were the underdogs in the top tier of English football. A small fish in a big pool but ready to stand toe to toe with any team and battle it out against the much bigger city clubs.

That same mentality will be required in the 2014-15 campaign.

That’s for the future of course, and probably the sternest challenge we have ever faced given the disparities between ourselves and the remaining 19 other competitors.

But before that big test let’s cast our minds back to that opening game of the season against Bolton - it was all doom and gloom about our prospects wasn’t it?

If you remember top goalscorer Charlie Austin had just left for QPR and I, along with everyone I came across had predicted a lower half finish.

Even so, out of blind loyalty I put a small bet on Burnley to finish in the top three at 50/1 never thinking I would be collecting it this week.

So once again, let’s hear it for everyone who has contributed to this amazing triumph.

From the joint chairmen to the directors, from the chief executive to the president, from the first team coaches to the youth team coach.

Thanks to the head of sport science, the academy director, the physiotherapist, the education and welfare officers and the programme editor.

But my biggest accolade is reserved for our imperious leader who has transformed our little club from apparently going nowhere to where they are today. St Sean – the patron saint of underdogs.

In closing, I would like to wish all Clarets a great summer. See you next season in the Premier League, yes the Premier League!