SAM Vokes will be feeling all sorts of emotions after having his season cruelly cut short by injury – the biggest one will be frustration.

I know from bitter experience what it is like to suffer such a devastating blow, having broken my leg in 1967.

Significant medical advances have been made since then of course, and I have no doubt that Sam will be in good hands with the physio staff at the club and the surgeons and I hope for a full and speedy recovery for the Wales international.

Hopefully all the brilliant work he has done beforehand, in scoring 20 league goals – 21 in total – will stand us in good stead for these last seven games and, once Sam is fit again, he will be coming back to Premier League football.

It’s up to Ashley Barnes now to carry the load, and the sooner Danny Ings comes back the better. It seems unlikely it will be this weekend, which gives us a quandary at Watford. Our best formation is 4-4-2.

But once Danny returns to the side I like to think that another partnership can be formed, with Ashley bullying the defenders and Danny feeding off him.

It was hard for Ashley on Saturday up front for most of the game on his own against Leicester.

That was always going to be a tough match for the Clarets against the champions elect, and I felt sorry for Sean Dyche at the final whistle when he looked at his squad being that bit more depleted.

I had a horrible feeling it was going to be a bad one for Sam, and it made you wonder why there didn’t seem to be more of an effort to get extra support in for the squad before the loan window closed.

Had the referee awarded a penalty to Burnley then it might have been a different story on the day.

But I won’t take anything away from the Foxes. They are a very good side.

It is our first home defeat this season and in over a full year, but there is no disgrace in being beaten by a table topping team with three of the top 10 Championship players of the season in their side.

It’s just a shame that all out three were sidelined in the end.

For it would have been nice to see how we would have got on with our full squad competing against theirs.

Fortunately results went our way again so we have a nine-point cushion going into the last seven games.

If we win four we will be promoted.