Ahead of the East Lancashire derby Clarets reporter SUZANNE GELDARD chats to Burnley strikers Danny Ings and Sam Vokes to find out what makes them tick...

What’s the best thing about Sam Vokes the person?

DI: “He’s so humble as a person. He’s not arrogant, he’s easy to be around.

“He’s just a great character to have around the changing room. He’s a good laugh – he’s always got a good story in him, and he’s a southerner.

“We’re obviously a different age group but we more or less grew up together. I grew up watching him as a player come through at Bournemouth.”

What’s the best things about Sam Vokes the footballer?

DI: “He works hard, and he puts it on a plate for me to score goals.

“He’s a big lad and puts in a fair shift running wise. I try to help him out dropping in and defending as well.

“He’ll win knockdowns for me because obviously I don’t win as many headers as him.

“We just work well off each other and bounce ideas off each other.”

Has he helped to improve and develop parts of your game as well?

DI: “Definitely. You look at his hold-up play, the way he holds off defenders and keeps the ball, I can learn from that.

“I’m not the biggest striker in the league but when you get big defenders trying to win the ball off you it’s important that you get your body in the way.

“I’ve learnt a lot from Sam, how to do that.”

What was your first impression of him when you first saw him play?

DI: “I thought he was a beast. I was only small – I was in school still – but I got called up for the FA Youth Cup game.

“He was playing for the first team when he was 17, but he came back down to play in that game for the youth team. I wasn’t selected in the squad but I watched the game and you could see he was miles better than anyone.”

What’s the best thing about Danny Ings the person?

SV: “He’s down to earth, a great lad, good to have around the place and good banter – even if he does wear salmon jumpers every day.”

What’s the best thing about Danny Ings the footballer?

SV: “He’s great to work with for me personally. He isn’t the complete opposite but a different kind of player so we complement each other. He is fast, quick off the mark, has fantastic feet both sides, and obviously goals.”

Has he helped to improve and develop parts of your game?

SV: “The partnership seems to shine on the pitch and brings out the best in both of us. We work hard for each other – neither of us are lazy by our nature so we’ve got the respect of each other.

“Maybe it’s from coming from the same youth team at Bournemouth, growing up those hard-working values were instilled in us.

“There were tough times at the sort of club it was at the time – not getting paid. You had to work hard for a living.”

What was your first impression of him when you first saw him play?

SV: “I could see the pace and how good he was with both feet.

“He must have only been 14 or 15 because he was in my brother’s youth team and I used to go and watch them every Sunday, so I knew him from an early age.

“He showed glimpses of his ability at Bournemouth and then got his big move here and after a difficult couple of years with injury is showing what he’s all about.”

Your partnership must be the stuff that strikers’ dreams are made of?

DI: “At the beginning of the season who would have said this would happen? It’s one of those things that just clicked, and it can happen anywhere.

“Two strikers with different sorts of games come together it can be hot and cold, but me and Sam have hit it off from the start.”

SV: “A lot of teams these days play with a single man up front.

“It’s hard work for them to get goals and shine. When you play with two and it clicks it’s fantastic.

“Against Forest it was really enjoyable to play in that partnership because the whole team played well and we had such freedom.

“It’s hard work on your own but not if there are two of you sharing the jobs – and I know in Danny I’ve got someone I can trust, and he can trust me.

Individually, the amount of goals you’ve scored must be pleasing?

DI: “Definitely, but I can’t sit on that and take the rest of the season for granted. I want to score as many as I can.”

SV: “Something I’ve always wanted is a good run in the team and get those goals. I knew I could do it if I got that chance. It’s great that the gaffer gave me that chance, and I hope that I’ve repaid him.”