Each day we test your sporting knowledge with our fun quiz...this week it is all themed around the East Lancashire derby...

1 In what year was the first league East Lancashire derby?

2 Who has made the most derby appearances?

3 Who has scored the most derby goals?

4 In what year did Burnley last beat Rovers in the league?

5 Who scored Burnley’s winning goal on that day?

6 Which Burnley player scored a hat-trick in a derby game before joining Rovers later in the same year?

7 Who was sent off in the 2000 East Lancashire derby for a tackle on David Dunn?

8 What is the record attendance for an East Lancashire derby?

9 What is the highest aggregate score in this fixture?

10 Who scored a 25-yard volley for Burnley in their 2-1 FA Cup defeat at Ewood Park in 2005?

Answers tomorrow

Yesterday’s answers: 1 Daniel Ricciardo; 2 Bangladesh; 3 Bayer Leverkusen; 4 Bulgarian; 5 Portland; 6 Rotherham 7 Nottingham Forest; 8 Middlesbrough, Huddersfield and Brighton; 9 Raleigh; 10 Nine