SOMEONE came up to me the other day and asked me a question. He said, ‘Do you know what happened on this day in 1967?’.

I said I can’t remember what happened last week, so I definitely don’t know what happened on this day in 1967!

He told me that it was the day I got my leg broken against Everton in a tackle by Johnny Morrissey.

It was very a long time ago but it brought the memories flashing back, very bad memories for me.

I can still remember hearing Andy Lochhead shouting, ‘The ball was 20 yards away when that tackle went in!’. That memory stays with me as if it was yesterday. I was 23 at the time and I still wonder what I could have done in the game if I hadn’t got that injury.

I was still learning and scoring goals for fun, but after the injury I knew that I wasn’t the same player.

I’m not complaining, though, I still had a good career.

It is so important now that Danny Ings and Sam Vokes don’t get injured in these final months of the season.

If either one of them was to get injured it would be a massive blow for Burnley. They were fantastic in the 3-3 draw at QPR on Saturday.

Danny was outstanding with the way he chased down the defender and then set up the third goal for Sam.

It was a shock to me that nobody came in and tried to sign either of them during the January transfer window.

If they stay fit I think they will keep scoring. They are so consistent, it’s not a one-off.

I just can’t understand why Eddie Howe didn’t pair them up here when he signed them.

They have 37 goals between them now and with 18 games left they can still break the record of 60 myself and Lochhead set in 1966.

It’s about time the record is broken, it has been 48 years.

I have always said it will be broken one day and I will be happy if it is, because it will mean Burnley are having success.

Don’t tell Andy Lochhead I said that though. If they do break the record he will be the first to smack them on the nose!

I think we should be aiming for automatic promotion after that result at QPR. We’re at home to Millwall on Saturday and we need to be taking three points.

But we just need to tighten the defence back up. It is normally so solid and miserly and it was uncharacteristic for us to concede three. It cost us maximum points at Loftus Road.

Finally, it was great to see Jay Rodriguez score another fantastic goal for Southampton at the weekend.

I didn’t score many like that and when I did it took me five minutes to come back down from the roof of the stand!