DANNY Ings is still being talked about as a January transfer target for Premier League teams.

In my opinion, they are wasting their time.

Danny looks happy and gives the impression he is enjoying his football at Turf Moor, and there is so much he can achieve if he stays here this season.

I think he will. And by the end of it hopefully he will have fired us to another promotion.

In the process he has every chance of taking my top scorer crown.

He is just 13 away of matching my record league tally of 29, and I’m sure he can do that and go beyond.

If and when he does, I will be the first to congratulate him.

He is a modest young man and one of those professionals who listens to your advice.

He would fully deserve to achieve it, and I hope that he would get the recognition that I never did when I beat Ray Pointer’s record in 1966.

Bob Lord was the chairman at the time, and Harry Potts the manager.

Harry said to me “Well done Willie!”, and that was it really.

Not that I wanted to receive any special acknowledgement – I was just doing my job and that was to score goals – but now it would be nice to have something to look back on and say ‘I did that’.

In recent years the chairman of one of the supporters’ clubs gave me a trophy, and I am grateful for that.

It is 48 years since that record-breaking season and only a few people have come close to it since.

At one stage last season Charlie Austin looked like he might do it, but then he got injured and then after he came back had his season cut short through appendicitis and finished up with 25 league goals.

‘Padiham Predator’ Andy Payton was another one. He scored an unbelievable amount of goals but never quite got there. But he was a tremendous striker and proved that everywhere he went.

I think this year could be the year for Danny.

Without wishing to come across big-headed but in some ways he reminds me of myself, closing people down and working with a big fellow up the middle with Sam Vokes knocking defenders around like Andy Lochhead used to do for me, and I’d pick the crumbs up.

The big difference is I didn’t score from 25-30 yards.

Most of mine were all in the box - real poacher’s goals.

Aside from scoring, Danny is blessed with a number of other assets. He has a turn of pace and can change gear very easily, and he reads the game very well.

I’m very confident that he will break that record.

It’s been a long time coming.