CAMBRIDGE Harrier Sabrina Sinha finished second in the southern inter-counties championships while representing Kent in the U13 girls’ race.

Sinha was way ahead of the field when a marshal sent her the wrong way and by the time the mistake had been realised, there were 20 athletes in front of the Cambridge Harrier.

Determined to get back to the leader Sinha worked her way back through the field and close to the finish was she was back up to second place.

In one last effort for victory, she kicked hard and crossed the line in joint first.

However, the officials ruled first place would officially go to the other athlete and despite an official protest by the Kent team, the result stood.

Elsewhere, Cambridge Harriers’ senior runners were involved in the Kent veterans’ cross country championships, where both the M50 and M60 teams placed third.

Results: M40s race (9.5k) - 56 Pat Austin 40m03s, 58 Steve Brown 40m58s, 62 Paul Cullern 41m58s.

M50s race (9.5k) – 8 Clem Dixon 34m10s, 12 Mark Cross 35m56s, 29 Martin Hawkins 38m27s.

M60s race (4.8k) - 9 Ian Marshall 22m05s, 14 Simon Tovey 23m07s, 18 Peter Hadley 23m34s, 21 Russell Williams 23m58s.

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