ROBBIE Blake’s lucky pants have become such a talk of the town – that they’ve now sold out!

Burnley are ordering a fresh batch of the red “Bad Beat Bob” briefs after the first shipment of 50 pants were snapped up by Tuesday at the Clarets store.

Striker Blake has modelled the pants twice in a week, after scoring crucial goals against Coventry City and Reading.

“We are bringing in another shipment before the weekend because they’ve flown off the shelves,” said a club spokesperson “Needless to say, the success of this with Burnley fans has caught us with our pants down!”

Last week, Blake revealed that the “Bad Beat Bob” phrase was connected to a game of poker, when a player is dealt a good hand but is ultimately beaten.

Once back in stock, the Clarets store will be selling the lucky pants at £8.99 each.