BLACKBURN Rovers fans have got in touch with us on Twitter to give their verdict on the latest news of six first-team players released by Blackburn Rovers after relegation from the Championship

Goodness knows who will be lining up for #rovers in August. I imagine it won't be good.


I can understand all of them bar 2 ! Despite what people think of Lowe he was always committed to #Rovers & Henley has huge potential!


Can't argue with it tbh #Rovers


Whilst not everyone's cup of tea, with all due respect Jason Lowe does deserve a better send off as captain #Rovers


He takes a lot of criticism, but it's sad to see our club captain, longest serving and last Premier League player leave #Rovers


Mahoney and Travis offered new deals. I like that. Can't see Mahoney accepting but it shows the right intentions. #Rovers


At least something has happened, and no surprises in the retained list... well, retaining nobody. #rovers


With Lowe gone I may renew my season ticket #rovers


Current playing squad very light on CMs and Forwards... #rovers


Guthrie and Lowe only players I'd of kept. #Rovers


I know opinion is very split on Jason Lowe but im actually quite surprised he hasn't got a new deal, could do a job in league one #Rovers


The exodus begins. Dismantle one of the worse teams to EVER step foot at Ewood.


Not a big fan but thought he would of done really well for us in this league. Probs should of kept him tbh


Good luck trying to get Mahoney to stay. Sounds like he has had lots of better offers for plenty more money.


Think its a disgrace how you can just drop the club captain like that. How long has he been at the club? Disrespectful and bang out of order


Dread to think what our starting 11 will be on the first day of the season #rovers


Rovers now have 15 first team players and if Venkys stay more will be moved on in the coming weeks. It's going to be a long summer #Rovers