THE Match of the Day pundits were short of inspiration for discussing Burnley's goalless draw at Sunderland on Saturday.

The Stadium of Light stalemate was last on Saturday night's MOTD with host Gary Lineker suggesting to Alan Shearer and Graham Le Saux that it was a 'bit of a stinker'.

"That's being polite Gary, that's why it was last on the show. There's not much to talk about," said Shearer.

Both pundits focused on Sunderland's shortcomings rather than taking a look at the Clarets.

Le Saux said the Black Cats were now being 'cut adrift' at the bottom, while Shearer questioned their ability to score goals.

"It was the same old story for Sunderland. If Defoe doesn't score then quite often Sunderland don't score, he's got 14 out of 24," he said.

"They did have one or two chances. This is the biggest one, what a ball from Larsson and Billy Jones at the far post, an absolute sitter, he doesn't never hit the target, he has to score.

"It's 24 goals in 28 games for Sunderland and it's just not enough and that's been there problem."

There was no analysis of Burnley's performance but before closing the show Lineker added: "It was a decent point for Burnley, it keeps them ticking along."