A ‘SENSUAL erotic massage’ parlour has begun operating at a Blackburn town centre premises — to the disgust of local traders.

The website for Angels Massage Parlour, in Railway Road just metres from the entrance to the new Blackburn Market, features scantily-clad women photographed in just their underwear apparently offering sexual services.

It states that there is a rota of eight women working at the property, charging £100 an hour for their services and that they moved to their new premises from King Street, in the Bank Top area of the town, on July 31.

Town centre traders said they are ‘appalled’ that the establishment has been allowed to open in such a busy area.

Melanie Fisher, a dental nurse at Boulevard Dental Practice, said: “I think it is absolutely disgusting a business offering this type of service has been allowed to open on the high street.

“As a dentist we see lots of families and young children and it is awful this is being pushed in our faces.

“A lot of money has been sent improving Blackburn town centre with The Mall and its terrible all that will be thrown away by allowing a seedy business like this open its doors.”

The parlour is operating behind a door that reads ‘AB Consultants’. On their website the operators said: “We thought it was better than screaming Angels Blackburn Massage Parlour!”

Visitors are able to go straight through the front door and up two steep flights of stairs before turning right to be greeted with a closed white door, complete with doorbell and a CCTV camera.

When two Lancashire Telegraph reporters visited the premises to ask about the nature of the business, a local woman in her 40s who answered the door said she was ‘not in a position to comment’.

A female receptionist could be overheard on the phone describing the services available and their prices.

Later a phone caller to the Telegraph’s office said they were trying to contact the owner of the business who is on holiday.

Tony Duckworth, president of Blackburn’s Chamber of Trade, said: “I share every sympathy of the small trader trying to make a living, when a neighbour at such as this moves in.

“This form of trade unfortunately seems to be growing in Blackburn and very often changes the trading pattern of an area.”

The Angels website boasts about its new facilities, expanding over three floors, including a ‘full personal service’ and oral sex.

‘Extras’ are available at the girls’ discretion, according to the site’s ‘rates’ page.

Razia Anwar, the owner of The Treatment Rooms spa, which neighbours the new business, said: “I have had people calling my business, which has taken me seven years to build, to ask me what extra services I am offering.

“Each and every time I simply replied I think you are after the place next door.

“Since it opened about a week ago I would say the male footfall on this road has more than doubled.

“Something needs to be done and quickly. It won’t take long for all the businesses along here to be tarnished by this. Rather than being known for our products we will be known for being next to such a place.”

Imtyaz Patel, the owner of Railway Newsagents, said: “I have only just heard about this but it isn’t good news.

“People will think twice about visiting us, especially those people who have children. It’s shocking.”

The owner of the Hake Boat chip shop, added: “All I can say is that I am absolutely disgusted. It’s not right at all.”

Officers from Lancashire Police are now investigating the services being offered at the premises.

A police spokesman said: “We are aware of it.

“The town centre policing team has already visited the premises and police action is ongoing.”