CLITHEROE Castle could be ‘knitted out’ in woolly gear as part of a new global craze that is about to hit East Lancashire.

The historical landmark will be ‘yarn bombed’ if enough volunteers come forward to stitch a colourful handmade coat for the building.

The global phenomenon yarn bombing is a form of graffiti that covers objects in public places with colourful knitted or crocheted designs instead of using paint or chalk.

Bicycles, army tanks, buses, cars, phone boxes, statues and trees are just a handful of objects across the world that have been turned into knitted street art.

Lancashire County Council bosses said the Yarn Bomb the Castle project is also running as part of the Campaign for Wool. The campaign was founded in 2008 by the Prince of Wales, who was conscious that the wool industry was facing enormous challenges following a sharp decline in the price of sheep fleeces.

Stewart Parsons, Lancashire County Council's cultural youth project officer, said: "The aim of Yarn Bomb the Castle is to get young people involved in a programme of knitting workshops to be held at Clitheroe Castle Museum and the local library.

"We are inviting schools and young people from the age of 11 upwards to get involved and help create a truly eye-catching spectacle that can be seen for miles around.

"As well as being a great opportunity to mix fashion, history and fun, the project will engage young people in a traditional craft, help them to develop new skills and hopefully open up some future career opportunities.

"We would also be grateful for donations of wool and knitting needles, and any local people who love knitting are very welcome to join in and share their skills and enthusiasm."

Yarn Bomb the Castle is part of Lancashire County Council's arts development programme for young people, which aims to connect them with libraries and museums.

The project will run from March to August, when it will be celebrated at the Clitheroe Torchlight Procession on August 25.