A CAR smashed into a wall at an accident blackspot before the driver and another man fled the scene on foot.

Police were called to Park Road, Westhoughton, at around 8.30pm on Friday.

The Mercedes C-Class had mounted the pavement and smashed into the wall, near the junction with Platt Lane, before the two men in the vehicle fled the scene.

Pictures show the silver car lodged into the front wall of a property's garden as concerned residents gathered round to see if anyone was hurt.

Bricks and debris are on the ground around the car and the airbags can be seen to have deployed inside.

Police have described one of the men as in his twenties, five foot nine inches tall, of stocky build and was wearing a black t-shire and blue trousers.

The other has been described as dressed in black and around six foot tall.

The crash took place in an almost identical location to another collision on Sunday, June 18.

In this crash, a black Seat Leon ended up on its roof but the driver was unhurt and was able to free himself from the car.

Speaking about the latest incident, one Park Lane resident, who did not wish to be named, said driving and the number of crashes was a concern for residents.

She said: "I did not see it, it was my son, he sent me a picture saying 'look at what has just a happened in the front street'.

"The two men shot off up the road, back up Park Road. This is the second one in four weeks more or less in the same place.

"People are really concerned. Where these crashes are happening, a lot of children live on this road. Children under the age of ten live here, when this crash happened people were saying that they were quite concerned that this is going to keep happening.

"In this case I have been told that they weren't speeding but they must have been doing around 40mph though because they have flattened a bollard post.

"If the police sat at the top of this road between half nine and three they would see people racing down the road. It is a dangerous road."

She added that the council has been out since the incident to replace the bollard that was damaged in the crash.

Following the crash last month, councillors raised concerns about the number of collisions and crashes in Westhoughton.

Cllr Anna-Marie Watters called for clampdown on dangerous and careless driving in the area.

She said that she feared the could be a tragedy if the problem is not addressed.