A DRUG addict prostitute bludgeoned her pensioner boyfriend to death with an axe and hammer.

After killing 71-year-old Derek Taylor, 'callous' Deanha Leanne Neely, 32, covered his body with a blanket and went on a spending spree with his bank card, the prosecution allege.

A jury at Preston Crown Court heard as Mr Taylor's lifeless body lay in an industrial unit in Blackburn, former Burnley schoolgirl Neely tried to cover up her tracks by taking over his Facebook account and sending out fake messages pretending to be on holiday.

Prosecutor Guy Gozem said the couple had met 18 months before Mr Taylor's death in January, as Neely was working as a prostitute in Blackburn.

Having paid her for sex, Mr Taylor had invited Neely to live in the industrial unit he called home in Cross Fold, Blackburn.

The jury heard the couple's 'on-off' relationship was 'chaotic' and 'violent'.

Mr Gozem said Mr Taylor would travel to Liverpool every week to buy drugs, which he would then sell, to subsidise Neely's 'serious heroin addiction' and supply her.

As part of that arrangement Mr Taylor wanted Neely to stop working as a prostitute, the prosecutor said.

The jury was told the relationship came to a violent end on January 2, when Neely attacked the pensioner with a hammer and axe, shattering his skull.

Mr Taylor was found by police on January 18 after his son-in-law raised concerns.

The court was told he was naked from the waist down but covered with a blanket and tarpaulin.

He also had a cable around his neck and a plastic bag over his head, the jury was told.

Mr Gozem said forensic experts had found plastic on the victim's thumbs, which he said suggested despite his 'horrific injuries' Mr Taylor was still alive when the bag was placed over his had and he was trying to claw it off.

The prosecutor said: "This was an arrangement about drugs. Her wanting more. Him refusing. Her refusing to tolerate him saying no. She couldn't go without and she didn't demonstrate any self-restraint or tolerance in her desire to get the haul.

"Her behaviour was cold and calculated, and it was ruthless and deadly."

The court heard there was already tension between the couple because of the drugs when in October last year Mr Taylor received £45,000 costs from a civil court case.

The prosecution allege having complained about Mr Taylor's violence and controlling behaviour towards her in the months leading up to his death Neely 'came up with a solution' to rid herself of him and get access to his stash of drugs and money.

Neely, formerly of Hollingreave Road, Burnley, denies murder but admits manslaughter on the basis of loss of control.

She admits picking up an axe when she saw her partner coming at her with a hammer but claims she was acting in self-defence.

Defending Neely, Christopher Tehranis said presented with the evidence from the police the former Habergham High School pupil fully accepted using the hammer and axe to inflict the injuries but couldn't remember doing so. He added there was a 'loss of control' on her behalf set against a backdrop of domestic violence.

The court heard prior to his death Mr Taylor was accused of running Neely over with his car.

Mr Gozem said Neely had been motivated by money, which was demonstrated by the fact she had begun to empty Mr Taylor's bank account before her arrest on January 19.

He said: "She decided very quickly that rather than call an ambulance for him, she would post on his Facebook account so the world would think he was on holiday, rather than lying just a few feet away from her, dying. Equally quickly, she was trying to access his online banking."

When police arrested Neely they discovered a hand-written shopping list detailing items she wanted to buy from Primark headed: 'Go to bank and let the fun begin'. Before the trip she is said to have withdrawn £900 from Mr Taylor's account.

Mr Gozem said analysis of Mr Taylor's bank account showed Neely had withdrawn around £7,500 in total.

After being arrested by police, the prosecution said she eventually told officers: "‘If you had a hammer and he had a hammer what would you do? Would you run or would you fight for your life?"

Neely was also alleged to have told prison officer Lindsey Scoular: "I might as well tell you, I need to tell someone, I killed him on January 2 at about 12.08pm that was the time as I looked at the clock.

“He was coming at me with a hammer Miss. I thought he was going to kill me Miss. I just grabbed an axe it was just there."