A PROPOSED bakery and takeaway has been recommended for approval by town councillors despite concerns of the growing number of food outlets.

The plan by Paul Jackson to transform the former Ruby's salon in Chorley New Road, Horwich, was submitted to Bolton Council in April.

The application was discussed by Horwich Town Council's planning committee, which agreed to pass the plans on to Bolton Council without any objections.

But there were comments about the amount of takeaways and food stores in that area of Chorley New Road.

Cllr Cath Schofield said: "If we open this as a takeaway there will be three on that road. There will be that one, an Indian takeaway and a chip shop at the end.

"Every road coming off that part of Chorley New Road has a takeaway or some food outlet."

But Cllr Ken Denton, chairman of the planning committee, said the number of takeaways in the area could not be taken into account when deciding on a planning application.

He added: "We have to take it on an individual basis."

Other councillors supported the proposal and Cllr Stephen Rock said he would rather have the shop next door to Horwich Car Parts being used.

Cllr Stephen Rock said: "I know we have a lot of takeaways but it's whether you want them or an empty shop at the end of the day. So I have no objections to it."

Cllr Kevin McKeon said: "We might think there are too many takeaways but the fact they are there is indicative of social change.

"People are buying meals nowadays rather than cooking meals so it's the risk this business runs."

The application was recommended for approval with two councillors voting against and one abstaining.

It is expected that senior Bolton Council planning personnel will decide the application rather than the planning committee.

For more information, search for reference number 00821/17 at bolton.gov.uk