A MAN was stabbed in the leg multiple times and beaten with a curtain pole and copper pipe in a whisky-fuelled attack, a jury has been told.

Preston Crown Court was told by the prosecution victim Mehrban Hussain had to crawl to safety following the unprovoked drunken attack carried out by Mohsin Khan and Qamar Abbas at a house in Whitendale Crescent, Blackburn.

Prosecutor Adam Lodge said Mr Hussain required emergency surgery to a deep leg wound and head injury following the attack in the early hours of February 17, last year.

Mr Lodge told the jury that Mr Hussain had been out socialising with his brother hours before the incident and they were met by Khan and Abbas.

A decision was made to go to Abbas’s house in Whitendale Crescent and a bottle of whisky was bought on the way back, the prosecutor said.

The court heard how Mr Hussain’s brother left the house a short time after they arrived and the remaining three men continued drinking. The jury was told it was after they started consuming a second bottle of whisky when the atmosphere turned sour.

Mr Lodge said: “Mr Hussain described feeling uncomfortable and wanting to leave the house. When he tried to leave he was squared up to by Khan. He was punched by him a number of times. Abbas also began punching him.

“The prosecution says it escalated when Abbas pulled a knife from his pocket. The complainant was struck to the back of his head and felt himself being stabbed in the leg. He recalls at one stage being dragged back in the house by the defendants. He doesn’t remember much after that other than being treated by the paramedics.”

The jury was told it was Khan, who called for an ambulance and because of the seriousness of his injuries and the amount of blood he had lost Mr Hussain was immediately operated on.

When police arrived at the scene Khan and Abbas were both arrested.

Mr Lodge said officers found the pipe and pole on the kitchen floor and the knife in a wheelie bin. They were sent off for forensic tests and results showed they contained traces of the victim’s blood.

A pool of Mr Hussain’s blood was found on the floor of the house and there was also blood spatter on the walls and ceiling, the prosecutor said.

Mr Lodge said: “Khan was interviewed later that day. He simply said he wasn’t involved in the assault on Mr Hussain. He blames Abbas entirely. He even says he tried to stop the assault.”

Khan, 27, of Tremellen Street, Accrington, denies wounding with intent and an alternative charge of unlawful wounding.

Abbas, 37, of Whitendale Crescent, Blackburn, has pleaded guilty to wounding with intent and will be sentenced at the conclusion of the trial. (Proceeding)