TAKE a look at the short film by an award-winning filmmaker from Blackburn here....

Liam Saint-Pierre’s short film This Land Alone was shot in the town and is based on the true story of when his mum found a young Romanian man hiding in her allotment shed.

The 38-year-old director, who now lives in London, is also working on another film about abandoned buildings in the town.

The former Blackburn College student started his career as a camera operator working with Shane Meadows on The Stone Roses: Made of Stone film.

He has made numerous documentaries as well as short films, music videos and commercial work.

The eight-minute This Land Alone, which stars Stephanie Bishop of Looking for Eric fame, is partly filmed on allotments in the Cherry Tree area of Blackburn.

It tells the story of a woman struggling with the loss of her son who encounters a young Romanian man hiding in her shed.

Set against a backdrop of immigration fears, initially she is shocked by the discovery but a connection forms between the pair.

Mr Saint-Pierre said: “We finished it about a year ago at the time of Brexit. It feels very apt for what is happening.

“When I came to film it you could see there was that division and fear for whatever reason.

“It gets put on to immigration or race but a lot of the time it is about deprivation and people worrying about money.

“Some of it is dramatised but it is all shot on my mum’s allotment. She went there one day and found this young Romanian lad.

“They had this exchange. At first she was a bit frightened then she started trying to connect with him.

“They had this interaction and then my dad came and my mum went to see him then this guy ran off.

“I was really struck by this idea of two people’s lives that are very separate and this chance meeting. It is interesting how people respond.”

Mr Saint-Pierre, who cites Ken Loach and Jean-Luc Goddard as inspirations, said he loves making films about people that are passionate about a single thing.

He has made shorts about a GP in his seventies who is an Elvis impersonator, one about an inventor and another about a hipster curler training for the Olympics.

He is now working on a project about abandoned buildings in Blackburn including a former mill, church and ballroom.

The film was shown during the Festival of Making earlier this month.