MARKET visitors stood in awe as nine men and a forklift truck unloaded a 156kg halibut.

MPJ Fish Supplies at Bolton Market took delivery of the monster catch, transported all the way from where it was caught in Cornwall, by a fisherman from Fleetwood.

The five members of staff had to enlist the help of four market colleagues to move the fish from the back of the van and onto a forklift truck.

Danny Evans, manager of MPJ Fish Supplies, said it was the biggest halibut the trader had ever sold.

He said: “I just saw it in the van and I thought it was amazing. It was absolutely beautiful. We have had big halibuts before but none as big as that. It must have been 100 years old, possibly more.

“But this is the season when they are coming in. So there is a lot out there. We don’t know half of what could be swimming out there.”

Mr Evans said washing and cutting the fish was a big task, and everyone finished the task with damp clothes and aching arms.

The huge fish, the weight of two average-sized men, was still being sold from the stall yesterday, with around half of it left.

Mr Evans spent £1,400 on the catch and is hoping to sell it for £3,000. As well as selling portions to market customers, he has also sold parts to restaurants.