YOUNGSTERS have been highlighting the dangers of parking outside a school after a headteacher said she feared children could be killed by ‘careless parents’.

Janet Pay said she has been battling bad driving since taking over at Wellfield Methodist and Anglican Church School in Burnley three years ago.

In a bid to highlight the problem, year six children recreated the zig-zag lines outside school to remind drivers of the need for thought, setting off in time and to reinforce the message about ensuring outside of school on Pendle Way and Wellfield Drive remains clear.

Mrs Pay said a child and adult suffered minor injuries after being knocked down earlier this year.

She said: “Despite tirelessly asking on newsletters, making banners and having patrols standing outside, people are still insisting on thoughtless parking and abusing zig-zag lines on the busy Pendle Way.

“We have persistent traffic issues around the school.

“Parents double park, park on pavements and double yellow lines making it very dangerous for our pupils trying to cross the road into school.”

She said the issue was exacerbated because they are sharing the site with another primary school, St Mary Magdalene’s.

“Despite staggered opening and closing times, problems persist and there have been two injuries in the past 12 months.

“A small group of parents seem to insist on making things dangerous for children in order to make drop off and pick up easier for themselves.

“I don’t want to see the day where we lose a child - but that is what I fear will happen.

“We are a busy school with more than 200 pupils and I dread the day one of them is hurt.

“Zig-zags outside school are supposed to be a safe, protected zone to allow children to come in and out safely each day.

“However schools are finding it increasingly hard to protect this zone with cars pulling in, waiting and even parking there.

“Often people say that they ‘won’t be long’ but as a school Wellfield are working hard to reinforce the message that zig zag lines outside school are there to protect your children.”

Earlier this year public space protection orders were being considered at Castercliffe Primary School in Nelson because of the traffic issues.