IT’s definitely a family affair when it comes to delivering babies for Bolton gran Rosalind Taylor.

Not content with helping to deliver her first born granddaughter Sienna at home back in 2009, she was on hand on Saturday evening to help deliver another.

This time Mrs Taylor delivered her daughter Laura’s second daughter, on Saturday evening as she was being rushed by car to the Royal Bolton Hospital.

Mrs Taylor, 46, said: “Initially we took Laura, 25, to hospital in the early hours of Saturday morning after she experienced contractions but they sent us home because the baby was not due quite then.

“However, during Saturday evening the contractions began to increase and shortly after 6.30pm we headed back to the hospital along Bradford Street when the Laura admitted, from the front seat, that she was about to give birth.”

Friend, Laura Tong was driving the car and she quickly pulled over while the drama unfolded.

Mrs Taylor said: “I suggested that my daughter pushed and the baby’s head appeared with the umbilical cord around the baby’s neck.

“I unravelled it and then told her to continue pushing and the baby came out.

“We were delighted when we heard the baby crying and it was such a relief to know she was okay.”

Rosalind’s new granddaughter Isla-Mae, weighed in at 7lb, but not before she was allowed to cut the cord at the hospital’s maternity unit.

Rosalind also delivered Laura’s first born Sienna seven years ago after she was born at home under similar circumstances, weighing in on that occasion weighed at 8lb 2oz.

She explained: “Obviously, with the cord around Isla-Mae’s neck it was lucky I managed to get it off and when she cried it was the best sign to us that she was able to breathe.”

Mrs Taylor’s first delivery was in June, 2009 after she had taken her daughter Laura to the hospital in the early hours of the morning. She was told to go home and wait but within an hour of returning the baby was on its way.

Mrs Taylor explained: “By 3am she was having the baby and she gave an almighty push and out popped the baby and Sienna was born on my bed.

“I guess it was a training exercise for the second delivery.

“Everyone in the area is now saying if there is anyone pregnant they should make sure they put my number on speed dial on their phones; just in case!”

She added: “Maybe after helping give birth to both of Laura’s babies, I should consider a new career, because I really, really loved every minute of the drama and Isla-Mae looks absolutely fantastic and I am so proud of having a new grandchild.”