A GRANDFATHER accused of possessing extreme animal porn DVDs claims they were planted in his living room by police officers.

At Bolton Crown Court a jury heard how officers raided Brian Dawson's first floor Great Lever flat in the early hours of March 20 last year and found two DVDs in cases beside the sofa in the living room.

One DVD contained legal adult porn films, but the other was a compilation of nine illegal videos showing men and women engaged in sexual activity with a variety of animals.

Giving evidence PC Daniel Parr told the court that the DVDs were clearly visible on a table in the living room of the flat in Gainford Walk.

But 59-year-old Dawson, who lives alone, told a jury of eight men and four women that the DVDs were not his.

"I've honestly never seen them. I don't do pornography films - they are disgusting," he said.

He added that the only DVDs in the living room were ones in an unopened box set of Fred Dibnah films and the top of the table had nothing on it but his father's ashes, a photograph of his late dad and an ashtray.

Cross-examined by Graham Robinson, prosecuting, Dawson claimed the adult porn and illegal DVDs must have been planted by police.

"I have no explanation whatsoever for why they were in that room," he added.

Dawson's partner of 12 years, Sharon Hughes, told the court that she had not seen the DVDs in the flat when she visited it the previous evening, but she had seen a DVD case, matching the one found in his flat, several years ago in her son's bedroom.

She added that the DVD was put in a box with other items when her son left home and the box came with her and Dawson on several house moves.

Dawson denies possessing extreme animal porn images and the case continues.