A FURIOUS son kicked his father in the head with his steel toe capped boots after he became involved in a family feud, a court heard.

At Bolton Crown Court Kieron Barber was given a 16 month prison sentence, suspended for two years after Judge Timothy Stead heard how Barber’s father, Frank Barber, needed stitches to repair a torn ear lobe, a cut eyebrow and gashed lip.

Jonathan Dickinson, prosecuting, told the court how there was bad feeling between Kieron Barber and his brother Craig, which also involved their respective partners.

But the family feud escalated on July 12 when Craig Barber’s girlfriend, Tracey Bromilow received an abusive text message from Kieron Barber’s partner.

Craig Barber complained about it to the brothers’ father, 56-year-old Frank Barber, whom Mr Dickinson said thought of himself as a peacemaker. The father contacted Kieron Barber to ask him to stop his girlfriend sending messages.

The court heard how 26-year-old labourer Kieron Barber flew into a rage and threatened his father, but the older man, who was described as being an alcoholic with limited mobility, did not take the threats seriously and settled down on the sofa to watch television for the evening.

“Fifteen minutes later the defendant came through his front door and burst into his living room,” said Mr Dickinson.

Without saying a word Barber kicked his father in the side of the head and then punched him in the side and back of his skull before leaving.

He then rang Ms Bromilow telling her to get her children out of the house because he was going to break the door down, boasted about attacking his father and told her: “I’m after Craig now. Where is he?”

When arrested by police Kieron Barber claimed his father had goaded him into the violence.

Barber, of Jethro Street, Bolton, pleaded guilty to unlawful wounding and threatening behaviour.

Brian McKenna, defending Kieron Barber, told Judge Stead: “His conduct on this occasion was very much out of character.”

He added that father and son had a difficult relationship, possibly as a result of resentment that had built up over the older man’s alcoholism.

But he added that the father had contacted his son attempting to make amends and Kieron Barber, who has a young daughter and another child on the way, is remorseful over his behaviour.

In addition to the suspended prison sentence Barber was told he will be electronically tagged and subject to a 7pm to 7am curfew for three months as well as paying £350 prosecution costs and a £100 victim surcharge.

Judge Stead told him: “Family disputes and family feuds do arise and they can be bitter — I know from experience in these courts.

“It is one thing to have a bitter dispute, but this went much further than that.”