A WINDOW cleaner has been praised after bringing a pensioner ‘back to life’ when he suffered a heart attack in his car and crashed into his neighbour’s house.

David Wells, 47, rushed to the aid of Alan Walker, 83, who fell ill at the wheel of his Honda Jazz in Dunster Grove, Clitheroe, yesterday.


The former Accrington firefighter, of Burnley, administered CPR on Mr Walker after he felt no pulse and saw the pensioner was not breathing.

Mr Walker, who was in the car with his wife, Pauline, regained consciousness just minutes before the emergency services arrived on the scene after 11am.

The car reversed onto the front garden of the bungalow before crashing into the wall, causing a large dent and cracking windows.

The owner of the house was not in at the time.

Mr Walker was last night understood to be recovering at Royal Blackburn Hospital.

Father-of-six Mr Wells, of Gainsborough Avenue, said: “I was cleaning windows in the other street when I heard a loud screech and a very loud bang.

“I rushed around to where the noise came from and saw Alan slumped behind the wheel. I know him and I’ve cleaned his windows for the last ten years.

“I performed CPR on him and he slowly came round before the ambulance came.

“It was a shocking thing to happen and it’s great that he woke up.

“It was lucky that I was even in the area at all because the recent weather had delayed my progress and I’m about a week behind where I would normally be. I’m just glad that I could help.”

The air ambulance was called to the scene but wasn’t needed and didn’t land.

The road was blocked with police cars, an ambulance and a fire engine while Mr Walker was being seen to by paramedics.

Neighbour Pat Colman said: “If he had not been there who knows what would have happened.”