TWO brothers, previously jailed for a fight with a knifeman, have been back in court for involvement in day-time trouble in a Nelson street.

Partners in crime Paul Dwyer, 37, and Michael Dwyer, 31, were shouting in public on Belgrave Street during a row with a man, Liam O’Callaghan.

Michael Dwyer, who claimed he was punched by Mr O’Callaghan, picked up a brick and threw it through the window of what he thought was Mr O’Callaghan’s home in ‘retaliation’.

But, he got the wrong house and smashed the window of an innocent resident, Burnley magistrates heard.

Both defendants have criminal records, with Paul Dwyer having almost 150 offences to his name, but the pair have been out of trouble for some time.

In January 2012, the brothers were each locked up for six months, after a fight with a knifeman in Smith Street, Nelson, in the early afternoon. Paul Dwyer had been armed with nunchuks and Michael Dwyer broke a house window that time as well. They had both admitted affray.

Yesterday the pair, both of Pine Street, Nelson, each admitted using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour on September 1.

Paul Dwyer also pleaded guilty to vehicle interference, while his co-defendant also admitted criminal damage. They were bailed until September 9 for a pre-sentence report and were warned by bench chair Janet Pickup all options were open.

Rachel Cleary, defending them both, said the three men had a disagreement over a conversation earlier between Paul Dwyer and Mr O’Callaghan. No violence took place. Michael Dwyer was arrested after breaking the window. His bother was detained that evening after the vehicle inference when he tried a door handle.

Mrs Cleary said both brothers were unemployed and looking for work. Paul Dwyer was under the care of the mental health team.