A mum whose son was diagnosed with type one diabetes three years ago is dedicated to raising money and awareness of the condition in the hope of finding a cure.

Lucy Marsh and her six-year-old son, Luke, will be raising funds for the JDRF charity when they take part in the Manchester Walk to Cure Diabetes event on Sunday, September 21, in Heaton Park.

Lucy said: “Living with type one diabetes can be really difficult at times. Sometimes, things run smoothly.

"But other times life feels like a constant battle — battling high or low blood sugar levels, battling with the emotional strain, battling for medical supplies and battling with Luke’s school to get the support he needs to reach his potential.”

Lucy, who lives in Starling, Bury, added: “We always try to stay positive and see the funny side of life, but sometimes with a chronic condition such as type one diabetes and its relentlessness, we just can't.

“It is heartbreaking to hear your young son say he hates diabetes, to know he has a responsibility and a burden, when he should be carefree, and to know you can't fix it for him.

“My family are so proud of Luke for how he copes with his diabetes and for the bravery he displays every single day.”

The 400,000 people in the UK who live with type one diabetes, including 29,000 children, rely on multiple insulin injections or pump infusions every day to stay alive. The condition is not linked to lifestyle factors.

Lucy said: “Raising money for JDRF means a lot to us. We are helping to get better treatments and one day a cure for type one diabetes.”

The event will include a 5km walk and a 10km run. Visit jdrf.org.uk/walk or call 0113 3805 621.