TWO takeaways in Daubhill and Deane have been raided by police and immigration officers.

Mash's Wing Ranch in Derby Street and Mash's Piri Piri in Deane Road were raided at about 5.30pm this afternoon.

Officers are investigating whether any staff are being employed illegally at the two shops, which are both part of separate chains.

Police said the raids were carried out after speaking to residents about their crime concerns in the area.

They guarded the front and back of the businesses while checks were carried out by immigration staff inside.

About 30 people including immigration officers, police and PCSOs were involved in the operation.

A PC from Bolton police's licensing team is there to investigate whether there was any breaches of the businesses' licences.

Traffic slowed down around each of the takeaways while people tried to see what was happening.

No arrests are thought to have been made yet.

A spokesman for Mash's Wing Ranch in Derby Street said: “We were helping police with their inquiries.

"We are not linked to the other premises raided, even though our names are similar.

“The immigration officers were satisfied that we were doing everything correctly.” 

The Mash's Wing Ranch franchise owner, Mohammed Patel, said: "This was a routine inspection and we've co-operated fully.

"Officers are satisfied that there is nothing untoward."

A Daubhill woman, aged 43, said: "I am pleased police are doing checks at businesses as it's unfair that companies profit from hiring staff illegally.

"They often get paid half the minimum wage and it allows business owners to become more wealthy.

"There are enough people struggling to find work in Bolton so it's important people do things by the book.

"I think seeing immigration officers and police checking out whether things are legitimate will warn other people that they can't get away with it."

Anyone who suspects a company is hiring employees illegally is asked to call Crimestoppers, anonymously on 0800 555111.