A PROLIFIC crook who raided Burnley’s Towneley Sports Pavilion was slammed by the town’s resident judge, who said the community had to foot the bill.

Drug addict Wayne Sawley, who has a long criminal record for ‘just about everything’ had taken copper piping from the building as well as various antique items.

The pavilion had already been broken into the day before Sawley struck and a trail of damage had been left at the premises.

He was found with a stolen haul from the building, Burnley Crown Court heard.

Judge Beverley Lunt told the defendant the attack on Towneley Pavilion had been ‘particularly mean’.

She said: “It’s a lovely building and a lot of damage has been done. It’s a community building and the community are going to have to find the money to put it right.

“It’s a very, very mean offence indeed.”

The court had been told how the defendant – said to have an ‘extensive record' – which includes drugs and dishonesty, had been given a chance by a judge last October, after he’d threatened a community support officer with a wooden bat.

He had received a community order with 12 months supervision and a nine-month drugs programme, which the judge said would help him and the public.

Sawley flouted the order, continued to commit crime and targeted the pavilion between last October 15 and 18, soon after it was imposed. He committed another house burglary after his case was adjourned for a pre-sentence report, as well as not engaging with the probation service.

The defendant, 37, of Dall Street, Burnley, is now back behind bars again, this time for a total of 15 months, after admitting burglary, theft from a shed on an allotment, damage, burglary with intent and allegations of possessing amphetamine.

The community order was revoked and he was re-sentenced.