A DAD who died unexpectedly while on holiday in Turkey may have been the victim of a hit-and-run, a coroner has heard.

But the family of Dave Burke, known as Burky, have been warned it could take years before they find out exactly how he died.

The father-of-one had been in Marmaris for a holiday with friends for less than a day when he died on June 20.

The exact circumstances leading to his death are unknown, but a pre-inquest review held on Friday heard a post-mortem examination showed he had died of multiple injuries caused by a significant impact — most likely to be from a motor vehicle.

The injuries on his lower legs and chest were predominantly on the left hand side of his body, leading to suggestions by friend Karl Daley, who was in court, that Mr Burke may not have been looking the right way as he crossed the street.

Mr Daley told the court that he had last seen the 50-year-old the day before his death, when they had met for a drink, before Mr Burke flew out for his holiday.

He said: “We have heard rumours that he may have been hit by a scooter. If he had been hit by a car it would have been worse.

"There were also reports that he fell off a table trying to change a light bulb in a bar, but he wouldn’t change a light bulb at home.

“We don’t know if he has been hit by a scooter or what.”

The court heard Mr Burke, previously of Bromwich Street, was last seen in the reception of the hotel Club Dena at 4.50am on the day of his death, with friends saying he looked tired after it is understood he could not get a room.

Mr Daley was joined in court by Mr Burke’s sister, Joan Hall, and cousin Catherine Pilkington. Coroner Alan Walsh warned them they could wait years before they get a definite answer for why he died.

The Turkish authorities confirmed they are investigating the incident, but did not offer any more information.

Mr Walsh said: “I will adjourn for three to four months. If something arrives in the meantime I can bring it forward, but if nothing arrives we will review it in three to four months’ time.

"At the moment we are unable to say what has happened.

“I’m very sorry — it is always a major problem with deaths abroad because we are dependent on the foreigh authorities.”

After the inquest, Ms Hall told The Bolton News: “I just want him at peace. I don’t think we will ever find out the full truth.”

Another pre-inquest review will take place on Friday, January 9, next year.