YOUNG worshippers are set to be publicly ‘baptised’ in a Burnley town centre ceremony to proclaim their faith tonight.

Between 20 and 30 young people have been meeting every Sunday at Burnley Central Methodist Church, in Hargreaves Street.

So with the assistance of Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service, church youth leaders will fill a large tank for the Sunday evening event.

The ‘baptism’ will be by full immersion, compared to a traditinal Anglican or Catholic sprinkling or pouring of water, over the recipient.

Rev Phil Clarke said: “Some of our circuit young people wish to be baptised by full immersion as testimony to their recently found faith in Jesus.

“For those baptised as children this will be a rededication with water.

“It is a powerful symbolic event and we would like to make this as public as possible - not cloistered away inside a church.

“Jesus’ baptism was public, not a private splash in front of adoring families with cameras!”

Mr Clarke confirmed that originally four young people were going to be involved and there were now two, who would each be ‘rededicated’.

He said that the Burnley circuit, which covers nine churches, also including Briercliffe Road, Brierfield, Brunshaw, Greenbrook, Hapton, Padiham Road, Parkside and Wheatley Lane, was welcoming growing numbers of young people.

And he added: “Many of them have no previous religious convictions and have developed a vibrant faith and want to express that."