PEOPLE in East Lancashire have been dumping buckets of iced water over their heads — all in the name of charity.

They have been taking in the ‘ice bucket challenge’, in which participants throw a bucket of iced water over themselves to raise money for good causes.

The craze, which has spread quickly on social media, started in America where people have been donating to the ALS Association.

In the UK people have also been doing the challenge for the Motor Neurone Disease Association and Macmillan Cancer Support.

Participants film themselves taking part in the challenge, pledge to donate money to charity, and then nominate others to do the same.

Countless celebrities have taken part in the challenge, including David Beckham and Lady Gaga.

Blackburn Hawks ice hockey team took the challenge one step further, and used a special machine to heap ice over the heads of the players as they sat on the rink.

The players decided to up the challenge by taking part as a team, and they have now nominated their rivals to do the same.

The proceeds of their challenge will be going to ALS charities.

Jared Owen, coach of Blackburn Hawks said: “We decided to do it because we’re idiots! A few of the guys have been nominated so we decided to do it as a team. We’ve nominated our rivals, Billingham Stars in the North East, to match what we do.”