A MILL complex has been set on fire by arsonists two nights in a row, police believe.

Firefighters were called to Nortex Mill in Chorley Old Road at 10pm last night.

They spent 90 minutes at the scene and tackled a blaze that began in a skip wagon.

The vehicle, which is worth more than £25,000, was destroyed by the blaze and a mini digger almost went up in flames too.

Both vehicles belonged to Ambient Driveways, which is based at the mill, firefighters said.

Just 24 hours earlier, firefighters had tackled a blaze in a rack of scaffolding planks in an adjoining compound.

Anthony Milton, owner of Ambient Driveways, said: “The wagon is completely ruined. This is a major problem for me because it’s the only wagon I own.

“It is worth at least £25, 000 and I’ve not been able to get hold of another one today.

“This means I have had to cancel jobs and will miss out on business.

“It’s clear this fire was started on purpose.”

Mr Milton claims businesses at the Nortex Mill complex have become regular targets for criminals.

The 49-year-old, from Heaton, added: “Somebody had taken the fuel cap off my wagon on Sunday night.

“One of the other businesses had all the wheels stolen from their vans a few months ago.

“It seems to have happened to everyone here.”

Watch manager Ian Read, from Bolton fire station in Moor Lane, said: "We are treating both these incidents as arson and have referred the incidents to the police, who are investigating.

"It is a big concern that there have been two very serious incidents two nights in a row and officers will be trying to establish who is responsible.

"I would appeal to people living near the mill to stay vigilant in the next few days, especially at night, and be on the lookout for any suspicious vehicles or people near the mill."

The owner of Nortex Mill declined to comment.

Call police on 101 with information.