SCAFFOLDING worth hundreds of pounds was destroyed in a suspected arson attack.

Fire crews were called to the blaze at the industrial compound at the rear of Nortex Mill in Chorley Old Road at about 11pm.

The owner of the scaffolding business said his yard had been “wrecked” and that it will cost him more than £1,000 to replace the damaged planks.

Colin Court, owner of Court Scaffolding, said: “I don’t understand why anyone would do anything like this.

“All of the planks have been pulled out of the stacks and set on fire. The compound is always locked so they must have climbed over the fence.

"We’re only a small business so it’s really going to affect us. Each of those planks cost £10 each. To replace them will be outrageous.

“I’m upset more than angry about this.”

Mr Court, aged 33, of Johnson Fold, said the compound had been targeted by burglars in the past.

He added: “There have been some problems with burglaries before but never a fire. It will take me a long time to replace these.

“It’s like someone’s got something against me.”

Fire crews tackled the flames for more than hour.

Watch manager Ian Read, of Bolton Central fire station, said: “A full rack of scaffolding planks was destroyed in this fire

" This will be extremely costly for the person who owns this business. The wood was well alight when we arrived and it took us about an hour to extinguish it.

"We are now working with the police to investigate the cause of this fire.”

Police confirmed the crime had been reported to them.