EX-CORRIE star Sean Wilson brought his blend of fine dining and Northern infused food to a packed Bolton Market.

Sean, best known as playing Martin Platt on the cobbles for 20 years, interacted with the audience while rustling up pan fried half liver with vermouth sauce, as well as pea soup and a larger-than-life Yorkshire pudding.

The 49-year-old, from Ashton, runs the Saddleworth Cheese Company with his business partner and friend Mark ‘Rev’ Revell, but says he prefers getting out and about at events like Bolton Food and Drink Festival.

He said: “When we are making cheese you are in the dairy, it is all about accuracy and getting things right.

“You are in the dairy for a while and then you are in the office, so that can be a bit of a drudge.

“We are very keen to get out there and meet people, we have our stalls up and down the country to spread the word of Lancashire cheese, but we love the social side best really.”

Sean is also a chef, and has cooked in Michelin starred restaurants.

He says he loves to come down to Bolton, to take advantage of the wide range of meats and other food in the market.

He said: “I like Bolton, it is a market town, I like Bury, because it is a market town, and I like Ashton under Lyne, because it is a market town.

“Each one of them I love, because they are a market town, and they have not forgotten the past. People still come here because their mum used to come here, or their grandma used to come here.”

The audience listened attentively as the pair prepared their food and told some jokes, and were lucky enough to take home a sample at the end.

Sean added: “We were rather cheeky, I don’t think we were supposed to offer the food to the people.

“But we do say it is at your own risk, because of the way it is staged, but it didn’t seem to bother them!”