A MAN has been held ‘for his own safety’ after entering the Leeds and Liverpool Canal in Nelson.

The emergency services were called to Clitheroe Road at around 7.25pm tonight by passers-by who saw the man, believed to be local and aged around 50, in the water.

Inspector Phil Hutchkinson, of Lancashire Police, said the man climbed out of the water and had tried to climb back in.

“He has been detained for his own safety under section 136 of the Mental Health Act,” he said. “He was very, very cold. An ambulance was requested to take him to Royal Blackburn Hospital where he will be treated, and assessed by the mental health team.

“I would like to thank the members of the public who gave us a ring and I would like to reassure them that the man is now receiving appropriate care.”

The fire service was also called to the road, which has a bridge crossing the canal, but crews from Nelson turned back it became apparent the man was no longer in the water.

The police can use section 136 of the Mental Health Act to take a person to a place of safety if they’re in public, and it is believed they have a mental illness and are in the need of care.