A MAN banned from having any contact with his mum and dad went round to their home when he was released from prison.

Blackburn magistrates heard the visit put Paul McDonald in breach of a restraining order which banned any contact with his parents.

But the court was told while he was in prison McDonald’s mother had written to him and actually invited him to their address on his release.

McDonald, 37, of Exeter Street, Blackburn, pleaded guilty to breaching a restraining order by communicating with Samuel and Mary McDonald. He was jailed for 120 days.

Catherine Allan, prosecuting, said problems with McDonald and his parents went back to 2010. He repeatedly demanded money for drugs and alcohol.

An initial restraining order was extended to five years in 2012 but there had been numerous breaches resulting in prison sentences.

On the day of the latest incident Mr McDonald returned home and found his son in the living room.

He said he had just been released from prison and was hoping to stay.

Mrs McDonald said he could stay for a few days but Mr McDonald said he could not because he would end up making demands.

At that point it turned into a bit of a scuffle between the defendant and his father,” said Miss Allan. “He slapped his father across the face twice and his dad punched him back.”

Gareth Price, defending, said McDonald’s mum had been writing to him while he was in prison and had invited him to their home when he was released.

“She made it clear she wasn’t in the best of health and wanted to see her son,” said Mr Price. “He had spent some time with his mum and it was when his dad came back that the situation deteriorated. It is unfortunate there were these mixed messages.”