THE owners of a dog left paralysed by a mystery seizure are overjoyed after it was able to walk again.

Susan Yates was preparing for the worst after vets advised springer spaniel Harvey would probably have to be put down.

But Susan said it was a “miracle” that nine-year-old Harvey recovered after visiting Birch Pet Hotel in Heywood, which offers hydrotherapy treatment to help animals regain movement and build muscle strength.

Harvey suffered a seizure on July 12, leaving him paralysed.

She said the dog underwent various veterinary tests, only to be eventually by vets they believed he should be put down as there was nothing else that could be done.

But Miss Yates and her partner, Jonathan Booth, decided that they would take Harvey back to their home in Bury Road, Tottington, and carried out research on the internet to see if there was any means of saving their beloved pet.

Now, less than a month since Harvey was struck down, the hydrotherapy sessions have paid dividends and he has been able to walk freely for the first time. Susan said Jonathan spent many hours reading university reports and articles in the hope that they could find an answer.

She said: “We had three or four different vets saying that we should euthanise Harvey, but we would not accept this. The vets were charging us hundreds of pounds for all kinds of treatments. Jonathan spent about 18 hours reading up on it, and after this we believed in the hydrotherapy.”

The treatment involves the dog being hoisted into a small pool with a member of staff, and swimming against a current to help build up muscle tone and stamina.

Susan added: “I was beside myself when we were told Harvey might not make it. It is a testament to the treatment that Harvey is still with us.”