A CAMPAIGN to get more people fishing could lead to increase in their health and social skills — and could even lead to job opportunities, according to organisers.

The organisation, Get Hooked on Fishing (GHOF), staged a recruitment drive at Bradshaw Hall Fishery — and about 60 people turned up to try their hand at angling.

The drive is in partnership with the Angling Trust, the sport’s national governing body.

GHOF chief executive Sarah Collins, who was at Bradshaw event, said: “Our aim is to try to get people fishing more often and accessing the benefits of angling.

“Those benefits include a focus very much on personal and social skills, health, wellbeing and the environment.

“It also has educational and rehabilitative spin-offs and there are apprenticeship and employment opportunities in the angling sector.”

The event divided participants into three categories: have-a-go sessions for people new to the sport; top tips for existing anglers who wanted to improve; and a mini fun fair, including a bouncy castle and face painting.

Bridget Dawson, of the Bolton GHOF, hailed the event a success.

She added: “It’s been a great day for families and what people should bear in mind is that this is a very inclusive sport.

“You don’t need to be an amazing athlete to do it and people with multiple disabilities can be very good at it.”