THE tale of soldiers killed during World War One has been told at an exhibition at The Fusilier Museum.

The exhibition, entitled No Known Grave — Missing in Action, focuses on Lancashire Fusilier Private Harry Wilkinson, from Bury, and Private Richard Lancaster, of Burnley.

Both were killed in a night attack on November 10, 1914, and their bodies were found in a Belgium field near Ypres.

No Known Grave tells the story of how the men were identified and pieces together evidence about their deaths.

Private Wilkinson, who was found in 2000, was laid to rest with full military honours in 2001 by his former regiment, now the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers.

The former fireman and reservist was aged 29 when he died, leaving behind a pregnant wife and son.

The body of Private Richard Lancaster was found in 2006 and laid to rest in 2007. Items found alongside his body included his identity tag, scabbard, ammunition, tooth- brush, razor, fork and spoon. Sarah Stevenson of The Fusilier Museum said: “We wanted to create an exhibition that told a very personal story, highlighting the sac-rifices that so many local men made.”