A TAXI driver wants to re-ignite a campaign to install safety barriers along a ‘dangerous’ section of road through Darwen after seeing a pedestrian injured in the same spot where her father suffered fatal injuries while crossing the road.

Three years ago Barbara Quinn spearheaded a bid to get barriers put up outside The Cock pub in Duckworth Street, after her father, Alec Quinn, 69, died in hospital after being hit by a car.

Despite a 600-name petition the request was refused on the grounds that railings would ‘reduce visibility’ around the bend, ‘compromise road safety’ and ‘outweigh any perceived benefits to pedestrians’.

The family gave up their fight, but then on Monday afternoon, Barbara, 42, and her partner Andy Campbell, who both work for Rapid Taxis, witnessed an elderly man being knocked over in the same place. The man in his 70s, suffered minor injuries.

Barbara, said: “We’d just dropped this guy off in Duckworth Street and saw him get knocked over while crossing over to The Cock. I said three years ago that I hoped no one else would get hurt there, and then I went and witnessed it happen.”

Andy, 47, added: “We had all these signatures on the petition to get the railings put up, and about a third of the people said they’d nearly been run over there themselves. We still think it’s really dangerous, especially if someone comes out the pub when they’ve had a few.”

The couple are to contact police, the council and businesses, to try to find a solution to the problem.

A Lancashire Police spokesman, said: “We got a call from the ambulance service at just after 2.30pm to report a collision between a black VW Jetta and a pedestrian on Duckworth Street near the junction with George Street.”