HEROIC army reservists who have served on foreign tours were honoured with a new honours board.

It was unveiled at Castle Armoury in Bury on Friday and records the names of every Bury Army Reserve soldier who has fought abroad since 2000.

It includes almost 100 names of reservists who have been deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan, Cyprus, Bosnia and Kosovo — with the numbers increasing with each tour.

The regiment hopes the board will not only comm- emorate the dedication of Bury’s veteran and current reservists but help persuade more people to consider a role in the Army Reserve.

Guest of honour Cllr James Frith, chair of Bury’s Armed Forces Community Covenant and prospective parliamentary candidate for Bury North, unveiled the board.

He said: “When the Territorial Army first formed officially in 1908 it was recognition of the fact the work of the reservists was already integral to the work of the regular army.

“Since that date the reservists have worked alongside the regular army and the determ- ination of these men and women to serve their country in whatever capacity is the embodiment of the word duty.

“Here in Bury everyone from doctors to lawyers, cleaners to builders, secretaries to nurses all joined to serve and took no less risk when they did.

“Their role is an active one and remains key to our defence today.

“History shows this is not a part-time army, but an army who fight and die in the service of our country in real conflicts around the world for us.”