BOLTON could be hit by the remnants of Hurricane Bertha this weekend, weather experts say.

The Met Office says there is a 10 per cent probability that the tropical storm, which is now making its way across the Atlantic, will reach north west England on early Sunday.

The weather system is no longer classed as a hurricane - it is now a storm - but is still expected to bring heavy rain and strong winds.

Anyone travelling to southern parts of England and Wales during the weekend is warned that there is a 60 per cent chance of the storm hitting the south coast.

The Met Office's chief meteorologist, Eddy Carroll, said: "There is still considerable uncertainty surrounding this weekend's weather, with the potential for heavy rainfall and strong coastal winds, along with large waves.

"However, there is a chance that the system may pass to the south of the country, or spread heavy rain even further north.”

Bolton's latest live weather information is available here.

This Is Lancashire:

A Met Office graphic showing the likely path of the Hurricane Bertha storm