BURNLEY’S MP has slammed ward councillors for not ensuring rotting food and dirty nappies dumped in back yards are cleared after residents complained to him about the issue.

People living in the Bank Hall area said they had repeatedly reported the rubbish-strewn back yards of empty houses causing a stench and attracting rats, but have suffered the mess for two months without the council doing anything about it.

After being contacted by the Lancashire Telegraph, ward councillor John Fifield has pledged to ensure the council’s street cleansing team clears the area of the blight.

Brian Tomlinson, 68, of Cobden Street, said the council made empty promises, councillors did not answer their phones and the residents were left feeling ‘completely fobbed off’.

He said: “It’s smelly and horrible and sometimes it will be left for months. It stinks and attracts vermin. We complained two months ago and have kept complaining and nothing’s been done about it.

“When we call the council, they either don’t answer, or when they do answer, they say they’ll get it cleared and they don’t. The ward councillors are utterly useless. They just don’t answer their phones.

”We’ve had to call the MP about it, which we know isn’t his job, because we think it’s the only way we can get something done about it.”

Lib Dem MP Gordon Birtwistle said: “I was asked to go to Ribblesdale Street in Bank Hall early last week by some residents are extremely concerned about the rubbish, which is causing a real stench and makes the place look a complete mess.

“It’s not fair on these residents. The Labour ward councillors need to get something done about this and we’re applying pressure for them to do so.”

Bank Hall ward Coun John Fifield said: “Myself and other ward councillors do six-weekly checks of the area. I’ve not received any complaints from local residents and advise them to call me with any issues."